1.From the Home Page, Click “Add Listing” or “Add Your Business”.

2.Click “Continue” at the bottom of the listing plan that appears on the “Select Your Plan” Page.

3.Follow instructions on the “Submit Your Listing” Page. Read more below:

Filling the Listing Form

1.Enter the name of your business.

2.Add a tagline i.e. something that makes your business unique. Ex: Authentic African Clothing.

Business Location

Select  the city of your business.

For Google address, click the “Drop Pin” option and click “Your Location” on the map that appears then close the map. Google maps will automatically pick up your location hence you should do this step while you are at your business location. This is an important feature as it helps customers navigate to your business location.

Add your custom address to help customers find your business. Ex: Nairobi Towers, Moi Avenue Suite 123.

Ignore the Latitude/Longitude section.

Enter business phone #, whatsapp # and business website(if you have one).

Select your business operating hours.

Select your business category from the drop down list. This is an important feature as it puts your business in the appropriate category enabling it to be found by customers.

Business Description:This is the section to set yourself apart by telling the customers what your business does. Explain the products/services that you provide.

Social Media Websites:Add links to your business social media sites if any.

Business Tags or Keywords:This is an important feature. You will need to add keywords that will make your business appear in searches. The tags/keywords are words that are specific to what your business sells. For example: If you have a clothing store called Luxury Clothing and you sell suits, customers might type suits in the search box and your business might not come up in the results.  You need to add keywords such as suits, ties, etc. in this section. If you are a service business you should add keywords specific to your services such as makeup, pedicure, braiding etc. If you have a restaurant you should add keywords such as food, nyama choma, dessert, etc.

Images (allowed up to 6 images):Upload high quality, professional images of your business. NaiGate puts a big emphasis on quality. Customers are more likely to click on your business and have an interest in your business based on the images that you display. For this, we recommend getting professional photos taken for your business. If you do not have such photos, you can make arrangements with us to have our photographer do a photo-shoot for your business.

The feature image: The photo that you want people to see as your business “profile image”.


Restaurants: Any restaurant serving food, coffee shop, bakery, ice cream, etc.

Retail/Shopping: Any shopping store (grocery store, boutique, shoes store, electronics store, furniture store, etc.), shopping centers, malls, etc.

Accommodation & Travel: Hotels, cottages, villas, Travel agencies, etc.

Real Estate: Agents/ Real Estate Companies. Specializing in buying, selling or rental/lease properties, land, surveyor, etc.

Professional Services: Lawyers, travel agencies, accounting/financial services, media and print services, photo studios, web services, etc.

Automotive: Car dealers, mechanic shops, car rentals, petrol stations, car wash, etc.

Nightlife: Bar, clubs, lounges, etc.

Home/General Services: Contractors, electrician, landscaping, cleaners, dry cleaning, electronics repair services, etc.

Personal Care: Salons, massage, barber shops, gyms, spas, etc.

Event Venue, Planning & Services: Events venues, event planners, event deco, caterers, DJs, MCs, photographers, special cars for hire

Medical/Health: Hospitals, doctors, clinics, dentists, chemists/pharmacies, etc.

Community, Arts and Entertainment: Entertainment centers, music bands, artists, art, theaters, gaming centers, etc.

Local Attractions: Amusement places, museums, tourist sites, wildlife centers, etc.


Note: Your business must be listed with us to enjoy any of the following options. To advertise your business, simply reach us at subject: Advertise.

Sponsored Section: The sponsored section on the Home Page allows you to spotlight your business by strategically placing it at the very front of all other businesses. Customers will see your business before they scroll down to see others.

Top of the List in Search Categories:This is another advertising option that allows your business to be top two on the list of the businesses(in your business category) that come up once a customer clicks on or searches the category. Ex: If a customer opens the Restaurants category a list of restaurants will appear. Yours might be at the bottom of the list. With this type of advertising, you will be guaranteed to have your business appear on top two of the list.


Note: Your business must be listed with us to be able to advertise your events.

You will be able to create an event by going to your User Dashboard (must be logged in), selecting “Events” from the list of menus that appear and following the prompts. Only one event allowed per listing. the events created will be displayed on the homepage of this website. Your event advertising will be free of charge for the first 24 hours. After that it will be removed. To advertise your event for more than one day, simply reach us at subject: Event.


Once you create an account and list your business, you will receive your own User Dashboard. You must be logged in to view your Dashboard. On the Dashboard you can:

1.View how many customers have viewed your business

2.Make announcements for your business. The announcements are deals you are offering that you want customers to see when they view your business page. Ex. “We are now offering free delivery to our customers.”

3.Create and advertise your business upcoming events.

4.Add menu to your business listing e.g. you can add Lunch or dinner menu for your restaurant.

5.View your business listings and their status.

6.Check any messages sent to you.

7.View customer reviews of your business.

8.View leads for your business. Leads are the potential customers who have seen something of interest to them and contacted you after viewing your business page.


It is important for you to claim your business listing. Claiming your business means that you are the rightful owner or have the authority from the owner to manage the business page. To do so, simply click “claim now” on the business page and provide your information. We will verify anyone that submits a claim to ensure only the rightful person can claim a business that is listed with us. A claimed business will appear with a check mark next to the name.

For any additional questions, contact us HERE