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  • Shockers to Know Before Relocating to a New House Most people do not know the things to check out before moving to a new house. Most people are full of excitement and allure to find a new house. To others, they are usually happy about the feeling of a new house, new walls, and environments altogether. Who wouldn’t love a good fresh looking house? The same feeling happens from fresh hanging apples on a tree, Click.Read More
  • Travel and Tourism Companies play a critical role between the travelers and the suppliers. In the world today, the supplier policies are inconsistent and often changing so as to adapt to the new normal. Hershberger, owner of Prestige Travel in Cincinnati, Ohio, and current ASTA chair of the board of directors said “booking travel has become exponentially more complex, even a simple business corporate airline reservation is no longer simple and the rules and situations Click.Read More
  • Event Photography: Meet your Event Prof (Michael Khateli) Meet your Event Prof. Yep, we promised you this fab new monthly segment and voila, here it is! In the subsequent series, we’ll profile event professionals –baring to you their expertise, work processes, and ideals. Today, meet Michael Khateli Auna, this series’ first #eventprof and a prolific photographer. He’s got tons of experience and valuable insights to share with you about his ten-year photography journey. Tag along AND, let’s learn Click.Read More
  • In the Crucible Of COVID-19, New Paradigm Shifts, And a New Normal Are Being Birthed. PART ONE The earth is a small speck of dust, suspended in a sun beam, in the immeasurable vastness of space. The cosmos is filled with a sea of galaxies, and their stretch is undeniably unfathomable. The far reaches of interstellar space are barely known to the human mind. A lot of scientists claim that the universe is expanding. The Click.Read More
  • Are you willing to risk your authenticity to be liked? Or, are you willing to risk being liked for being authentic? To be authentic begins with being vulnerable—for one to be truly authentic one must be willing to present his/her failures, inadequacies and admit mistakes and shortcomings. One must present the real self. But, to what extent are you willing to be vulnerable? And, is it a risk worth taking?   In the social media Click.Read More
  • Why did you choose a career in mental health? This is a question that I have been asked many times.  Actually, I stumbled in the mental health field by accident. At the age of 17, I was completing my 12th grade education and I was not sure what career path I wanted to take. Since the age of 9, I had always wanted to become a dentist. I was so sure I was going to Click.Read More